Strawberry Sewing

Strawberry Makin' Today!

I had visions of strawberries all over my work table and wala...there they are. I love making them in pinks and reds. These were made with the sweetest little berry pattern and you won't need much fabric either, which always makes for a nice, easy & fast project.

So, Sew, Summery! The plan for this .... a 24" SQ mat for a table in my sewing room. I still need to cut fabric for sashing and the binding but I put that aside and made more pink berries! That's the best part of strawberry making...they're so fast, the ideas just keep coming...make a few or make a few more ;)

The pattern calls for 9 strawberry blocks to make the mini & mine will be 'pink!' 
So, 6 pink berries are done for the mini but I put that aside and went onto making another mat....

....A scrappy mat with a little strawberry center --not in the pattern-- just from playing with my scrap bowls. Free style sewing, with various widths & lengths bordered this little berry.
I made the berry slightly smaller, squared it up with white and then added scrap pieces to border it, a sort of 'log cabin' method. Coasters are in the works also and possibly a bag or two. I really love making these and can tell you, it isn't easy to make just one.

Get the Pattern: FijimamaDesign - On Etsy
Fabrics: Petal Pink-Henna Garden-StrawberryMoon/MichaelMillerFabrics
Others are from my scrap bowls or pieces I've had so long....not sure 


A Catch-Up & something new...

   Busy getting carrot noses stitched on to these snowman blocks. This quilt  top has been sitting and waiting patiently. I just might get this one done for this year. Winter here is almost over but we had snow again today, February is supposed to be that way. March is soon to come and always brings a bit of surprise.

  I got some clay out and started dabbling with it. I made these fun pin toppers....because I just love carrots. For some reason carrots & pumpkins draw me in, it's got to be the color....so cheery!
I'll be sharing some other makes soon and some new pin topper ideas.
It's good to be back....I missed blogging.
.............till next time.


Cotton Yarn ...Kjærlighet

I'm in love. Soft cottons in an array of colors with tons of tutorials on Garn Studio.
I cannot get enough of these beautiful yarns. Were they made just for me?

I'm Loving the DROPS Yarns! Made in Norway and now right here in my studio...I am in love!
Soft cottons in an array of colors with tons of tutorials on GarnStudio.
Kjærlighet - love in norwegian
They are the perfect size skein for a beginner- dabbler like me. I really don't want to have a ton of yarn to store. My sewing room isn't big enough for all the things I love in large doses. Just a taste will do just fine. As a beginner, yarn sizes and colors were needed to experiment with & to get an idea of how everything worked. So, these small skeins are simply perfect for me!

I've been making small bowls & baskets to use on my cutting table to hold maybe some tools or small bits of fabric. Coasters will be scattered about because I cannot have enough of those. It's possible by the next winter, I will be busy working on a throw in my lap....but. Right now, the small projects are fulfilling that creative desire to make something.

Can you tell...I may be a bit happy about this find! I love finding new pretties...just makes me happy!

...til next time....be happy creating what you love.


Yarn Color Palettes & a bunny

I'm in love with cotton yarns and learning how to crochet finally! Something I've always wanted to do but hadn't taken the time to explore, until now.
My sewing room is still all packed away, waiting for a make-over & I needed to make something. So, what a perfect time to learn and play with some yarn! I am learning just the basics and was so surprised, at how easy it is to crochet. Basic stitches, like the single crochet, makes this adorable bunny...I found the tut on YouTube & used the 24/7 yarn-Aqua for them.

There is an Easter egg pattern too and similar to the body of this pattern. They were fun and easy to make and just perfect for starters. I seem to be more attracted to the cotton yarns more than others. Exploring different options, I found some that I will be trying. I love the colors of the DROPS Design Yarns. The website is a lot of fun too! Patterns and tutorials to explore.

Something tells me....I'd better get that sewing room finished. Before you know it, There's going to be lots of yarning around and I really don't need another creative endeavor. But just like fabrics and threads, these yarn colors call to me and just beg to become something.
Happy Spring....til next time.


Scoop pouches...

I'm making single & double scoop pouches, inspired by the tutorial on fat quarter shop. I've altered mine a bit in size & have added pockets, inside and outside & added charm loops. I'm just having fun with each one and making them as I go along.

I decided to use fabrics that gave the idea of ice cream flavors and had a fun afternoon modeling fabrics for these pouches. I have little ice cream charms for the zips & a few ice cream fabric prints.

a Double Scoop of Orange Creamsicle anyone? It makes me want one, the orange is that juicy...

Happy Sewing....


Scrappy Pumpkin Pillow....

Short and Sweet....because there are just so many projects on my table.
Scrappy squares makes this pumpkin oh... sew sweet. 6 rows down and across with hst on the ends and sashed with the cute, strawberry speckle fabric, I found at Hawthorne Threads. Small border, quilted and binded with an envelope closed back and ta'da'...a 19" pillow is done.

....back to the sewing table.....see you soon.


the Tilda pin cushion...


A sweet and easy pin cushion to sew using 'Tilda' fabrics makes for one fun afternoon! 

I'm using fabrics from various collections. Autumn Tree, Sweetheart &Tiny Treasures. I decided on four prints & cutting two each with the template. I chose a sweet little button for the center. I got mine from Cynthia Crane's Pottery on Etsy.

Get the template on Tilda's World blog.

and then.... I discovered...

Well, pumpkin time was near and I love to make, display and have pumpkins all around my home in the Fall...it's a favorite Fall thing for me.
Sew, using the template I created the pumpkin munchkin. Love them!

Have fun sewing....see you soon....