color palettes & changes

My palette today.

I'm actually working on two designs simultaneously. Both have a color palette, all to their own and I wonder how sometimes that I haven't mixed them up. I suppose, I am more organized than I give myself credit for but to look at this pile of threads ....you may not think so.

Both embroidery designs are of my ' Miss Mousey'. A sneaky peek of the other can be found here.
She is a little mouse, I created in sketch and then to digital life. From there, she became patterns for threads. I believe she really came to life then. I love to stitch and I am so enjoying these designs. I hope you do too! She is drawn from my heart and is a reminder of how fun creating can be. The full pattern for the stitcheries should be complete very soon.... I will keep updating my progress.

I've changed some things around on this blog & added Miss Mousey to my banner. I think she's going to stay around for a good while... I have plans for her....and she doesn't mind. She likes to do all those fun things, that I would do.... if I was home all day.

I added a NEW pic of me and that has some things, to go along with it but I can't share that just yet.

I added a tab, for you to have a look at my patterns. I'll keep you posted, on upcoming news for that too!

I am finally on facebook....yes it's true... I'll update as things progress and you can find other ways to follow on my sidebar. or Just leave a friendly little hello.

til next time....Happy Stitching!

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