a mouse or two

embroidery mouse love

I just love a cute little mouse. Stitched, cheery and just plain cute....the real ones freak me out. These will eventually become goody bags or something like that. I've been steady going and stitching all the fun little designs I can  find. After Christmas it's back to work on my own designs, I haven't shared them with you...but they're coming...soon. I'm excited!
I'll post some finished pieces soon, I have to stitch just a bit more and then it's off to the sewing machine. I suppose a bake day is real close by too.

Happy Stitchin'......til later


  1. Hello Susie, thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I use chalk to color my stitchery, you can follow this link to see how I use chalk to color. http://www.finesting.no/documents/Fargelegging_med_kritt_trinn_for_trinn.pdf You can also visit www.finesting.no
    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank You! your stitching & shading are perfect...i can't wait to see the next project from you and I am always smiling when I do. Your work is so inspiring & just perfect!

  2. Love the little mice. Your stitching is perfect!

  3. It has taken me awhile, to get back here to respond but I am so glad you popped in! I'll be working on those mouseys and hope to show some finishes.

  4. Love your stitchin' and happy to see so much of it lately.


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