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The weather is fine and I have been drawing til wee hours in the morning. I love Fall, my cup of vanilla coffee, my socks, my studio and my drawing board. My pencils are nubs!

I've been busy with new designs and decided to do a little shop cleaning. Some patterns will get some enhancements, bringing color to those red-work designs. I have been asked many times to consider this and well, I finally got that all organized. You will see some new things too, in the next few weeks. I have been experimenting with color tinting my designs. This method has been around for many years and I even dabbled with it through the years. I think, it will add a whole new look to my stitches and I am super excited about all the new things headed for the shop soon!

My new pattern is in the shop today. 'A Knitting Kind of Day' .....Miss Lily & Miss Mousey get together for tea and have a knitting kind of day. The pattern includes full size design sheets and this one includes two different designs. Also, I have included a design sheet of all the accessories, so that you can place them within your project, where you like. Sometimes, we may only need a small design to whip up fast....so there you are. I hope you will enjoy stitching it!

Off I go, to get more done.....busy....busy. Have a Knitting Kind of Day!


spools of thread tall & small

The spool blocks have been started finally! 
Fabrics are Pam Kitty and Tilda with some low volume text/script prints. I wanted the blocks to be tall and to hold lots of pretty prints. Right now, I have a good collection of pretty pinks and roses and they were calling me. The blocks tower at 12" and they make my heart melt....I am very happy with them. I have nine in place and now I am working on smaller spools for the intersections.

I am still not quite sure how I am going to place these. A row or just corners? 
The pretty pink peony, from Tilda is all I have left. I am using every inch I can find for these blocks. 

I made just one with a dark grey non-text, I may make more....the whole quilt is a design as I go....my favorite kind of project. In the morning, the sunlight pours into my sewing room and I feel energized and ready to go! The blocks are there, beaming in that light and definitely speak differently than the night before. Things change....often in this room. I do think the smaller spools will make a fantastic mini and I'm pretty sure....that's gonna happen....see you soon!


...finished quilt top

A finish! My Gelato quilt 'my version' is complete and ready for the next step. I still need to decide on binding and what, I want on the back. I did only sixteen blocks and made a wider border so, it will measure right at 45" when finished. A good size for a chair in the living room. I'm happy with it and I would even consider making another because it was so easy going. But I have too many other designs on my list so.....on to the next.

The weather was outstanding today but I had a hard time with pictures. The sun was shining everywhere! Here is the full view and you can see where I added green blocks at each corner....well just imagine you can see the top ones...they are there.

I just love how it turned out and didn't I tell you about the yellow? I knew it was going to pop in this quilt somewhere and it surely did! Makes it look all happy!

I am already tossing ideas around, for these sweet, snipped corners!

Happy Sewing...I'll be back soon!


a quilt + bliss

I have started a new quilt with happy greens & pinks. A favorite combo but I have several combinations that I truly love. Same for the quilt patterns....many that I gravitate to, like this one here...a pinwheel with a square block background. I took my inspiration from the pattern I found, in my library of 'Quilts to Make Some Day'.
My plan is to make twenty blocks in sets of five and a little different than in the book. With each set having a color combo and placed about within the quilt. I've done 5 in green and 5 in pink so far and have been modeling colors for the other ten. I'm almost sure yellow will be appearing soon.

I'm loving the green & pink selections of Bloom & Bliss and have paired each with a calico. The green is from Dear Stella-Sunday Morning and the pink from JoAnn's. And The sweetest hst s develop right before your eyes. I am using the folded corner method, to make the flying geese and with each snip of those corners inspires another project. Eight from each block will surely add up to a nice little scrappy piece of fabric.

Off I go to see how colors will play in this quilt! Happy Sewing!

Inspiration: The Big Book of Scrappy Quilts -  Pattern-Gelato by Gerri Robinson


A new tablet cover...for me

I've made a couple of these tablet covers and this one....I hope ...is mine.
I picked out a few HB selections a couple of weeks ago. Happy Mail Arrived!...and I love them but this has always been one of my favorites. Lollipop from the Freshcut Collection.

Because...I was thinking this was for me all along, I added a strap that I don't normally do for this pouch. Whenever, I am using my tablet I am almost, always involved with ten other things. I find myself picking it up with other things and traveling from room to room. My arms are always full with fabrics, sketchbook, another book and some kind of gadget & usually a cup. So, a strap works great & no worries of dropping it! 

This is another project that just came together as I went along. I measured my tablet and got busy cutting. Added some old buttons and a pouf button. I love to make these buttons and most happy to use them in my projects. Little tufted 3/4" poufs that sew on just like a shank button. Tutorial in my 'Make Things' tab.

A nice little pocket for my stylus but I forgot to get it for the pics.....That will come in handy too! and A scrunchy elastic loop closure because it was a good way to hide the elastic and super easy to sew. 
I am liking this cover and keeping this one. 
I can see myself using it everyday. I kinda want to make another...;) 

I may have to get more of this fabric, while it is still available and also on sale!
I'm trying to be good and not buy fabric on impulse....hard? Ummm, just a bit but I like that my sewing room is getting organized again and I actually have openings for some new things. Happy with the empty spots.... Clean and no clutter. 

Happy Sewing!

Outer Fabric - Lollipop/Freshcut - Heather Bailey 
Lining - Jenny Eliza - Jennifer Paganelli
Pocket - Dear Stella Designs

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