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I'm working on a new project tonight and snipping teeny,tiny flowers from scraps of fabric, to make teeny, weeny stamps. My itsy, bitsy letters need them you see, so that I can send letters off to those I love.

This is such a sweet mug rug pattern from The Patchsmith.  It's called Christmas Delivery and you can find it, in her Craftsy Store. There are two versions to make and I chose the one above for my first. The second has a post box and I'll be cutting that out next.

I haven't even gotten to the Christmas fabrics yet. Little, tiny snowmen stamps? Ah, yes....I think, I can do that.

See you soon..............


Shop Update & Holiday Prices

Introducing 'Strawberry Snookers'. A NEW pattern, the last for this year and a BIG Thank You!
Holiday pricing has begun in my shop. I've lowered all prices on all my patterns to spread good cheer!

The mouseys have gotten into the strawberry jam and are having a berry fun afternoon! Don't you just love their cute plump bottoms? All stuck in the jam jar?
I'm modeling fabrics for a project and just love these with the mouseys! Milk, Sugar & Flower by Elea Lutz-Pennyrose Fabrics. The little strawberry in the fabric is just too cute & the colors are just what I want for this project. I love when it all comes together!

The pattern is in my shop and ready for instant download. A complete 5 page PDF Embroidery Pattern. I've included a color tinting sheet with this pattern, if you want to get your crayons out and have even more fun! If you don't want to color them, that's okay, they'll look just as cute! I;ve stitched just two mouseys here for this project but the pattern includes three mouseys.

The mouseys measure
3 1/4" X 5 1/2"
3 1/4" X 4 1/4"
3 1/4" X 3 1/4"
when printed @ 100%

They can be placed within your project however you wish.

The pattern includes stitching & color tinting suggestions. DMC thread list, preparation guide & full design sheet with mirror image.

Strawberry Snookers

Miss Mousey & Little Stitch

A Knitting Kind of Day

And there are more in the Shop....Go See!

Happy Stitching!


carrot noses...

I'm working on a snowman quilt today and feeling like a Christmas Elf. The air is cool and crisp and makes me want to be right here...in my sewing room.

I made nine snowman blocks and I'm ready for some carrot noses and a little detail stitching. It's just that kind of day, to take it easy and relax a bit. I have another snowman block, which started this whole idea. I was going to make ice cream snowmen or ladies. I still may do this for another but this one will be a mini when finished.

Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla with red sprinkles...? I'll add a little more to this and then quilt & bind it, for a mini or possibly a cute little mat for coffee. mug rug?

The snowman block is quite fun to make and super fast actually. I had nine finished before my morning coffee. I usually have two cups this time of year. Love a day in the sewing room with a hot cup and a cool breeze...heaven. After stitching, I'm off to do a border and I'm not sure about that because I ran out of some fabrics. This is the fun part....putting it all together with what you have. At least, it is for me.
Happy Stitching!

Fabrics: Anni Downs Hatched & Patched -  Christmastime     Bunny Hill Designs - Mistletoe Lane
Mr Snowman Block - Lori Bee - Check her Instagram under #mrsnowmantutorial and make one step by step ;)


almost finished! and a sneak peek!

Miss Mousey & Miss Lily are all color tinted & stitched. Now, they are ready for the sewing machine! I still have to decide on fabrics but I have a good idea what I want to do. It's been very busy over here, trying to get three patterns finished, stitched and sewn together. Miss Mousey & Little Stitch are ready for some sewing too! The third design is just about finished and I am excited to share that one with you! It won't be long....and they are too cute, if I do say so myself. They are cheery and lots of fun!
So, off I go to do a bit of sewing and playing with fabric choices. I can't pick which process I like most. Each step is way too much fun!

Oh, I can't leave without giving you a bit of a peek! Here you go....a peek at the third design....soon to be another pattern.

Strawberries!!! and nice plump bottoms that get stuck in jam jars. Those mouseys are always into something! When Miss Mousey is away...the little ones play :)
Happy Stitching!


coloring and stitching & a NEW pattern

Miss Mousey is getting a bit of color. This pattern is NEW and in my shop. I made a similar version of this in red-work.

The NEW pattern, has Miss Mousey holding her stitching booklet and a second design with her holding her hoop. The strawberry or the house can be stitched in her hoop. Her cushion has changed a bit, I added some cute little roses throughout the pattern. Hope you enjoy stitching this one too! The red-work version & the color version are both available in my shop.

Color tinting with crayons is fun and rather easy. I use everyday crayola crayons and my fabric of choice is pretty much always a linen-cotton blend. Some refer to this as hanky linen. I cut my linen to size, apply the design using my light table and micron pens. Then, I iron the light weight stabilizer to the fabric. Now, it is ready to tint and stitch. 

I always, cut a small piece of linen and draw a bit of the design on it for sampling. This gives me a real good feel, for the color choices of threads and crayons. It will also, give a feel for how the fabric reacts to the crayon. So, don't skip this step...it helps, to achieve the desired result.

After my fabric is prepared and I have decided on crayon colors, I begin with a white crayon. I color, with white in all the areas, that I want to tint. Even, consistent pressure in these areas will result in a smooth area to apply color. I then, color my areas evenly and sometimes blend two colors. I like keeping the color at the stitching line fading it inward a bit. Once stitched, it seems to set the thread in a bath of color. I like that. Other times, as in doing the cushion, I like an all over-filled in area. Color how you wish...It's your stitchery!

If you hold your fabric, at an angle to the light, you can see where the white is coating the surface of the fabric. It is giving the fabric a nice waxed surface, for melting in the color. Resulting in tinting the fabric with a colored stain. I have experimented with this many times and it works for me. I am sure, there are many methods and probably tons of videos, to walk you thru, if you need a bit more guidance.

Once, I am satisfied with the tinting, I place the design face up on the ironing board. I then, place a clean white paper towel over the tinted areas.  With my iron, set on High-Dry, I firmly press each area. I press and pick up, moving around the design, to melt all the crayon and pull the residual crayon off of my fabric. Avoid pushing the iron over the design-this will cause colors to smear &  I replace with clean towels as needed and sometimes, I go back to the coloring table, to add a bit more. Be careful doing this and always try on a sample piece of fabric first. Now, the design is ready for stitching....watch it come alive! 

I hope this helps, to get you started coloring on fabric. You'll find it to be so much fun, your creative side will soar! My patterns include Thread & Crayon color Suggestions. 
Happy Coloring.....Happy Stitching!  
I'll be back soon, with yet one more design. I'll be playing with that one this afternoon, at my sewing table. 

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