pom-poms & flannel

It's gotten chilly here, today is truly a Fall day. Winds are blowing & rain showers all while the sun is shining brightly. Chilled and loving it.... I made my coffee and began where I left off in the sewing room. I chose some flannel fabric and made more drawstring bags. 
These are so soft with sturdy box bottoms. They would be cute PJ bags.

At one point, I spotted a bowl full of pom-poms. Sitting on the shelf, waiting to be used for something. Funny, pink and white were already made, so I tied them to each end of the ribbons. You might remember that I got a kick out of making these this past Spring. Remember the bunnies we made for fundraising? These poms will add just that special touch of fun to the bags. 

It makes me Happy to use up all the things I have, to bring a fun little project together.
I got the fabric some time ago at JoAnn's.  I liked how each kitty had a little different fabric print.

.....Happy Sewing.

it's a drawstring thing...

I'm thinking these would make great gift bags and I am steady making them....
it's like potato chips and dip...can't stop with just one ;)

Using 2 pieces of fabric 20"w X 14"h but can change the 14" to any size, like I did with the little pink one making it 12". I used 2" box bottom seams to make them nice and roomy for things inside. 
So finished size pink=8" and the blue=10"   I'm using ribbons for the pulls because I have so much of it and will come back to some later and embellish them with tags & beads....whatever I have on hand.
..............see you soon with some more sewing fun......

Fabrics Used - Pink Bag - Annie Downs Christmastime 
Icy Blue Bag - Anna Griffith - Isabelle Christmas
Dark Bag - Susan Winget 

little petals bag

Weekend sewing....Making little drawstring bags....

..... the piles of fabric are slightly smaller. The totes I have planned and other drawstring bags will use up more fabric....happy to sew and make some things, now that I have a little time to spare.
.....happy weekend.....

getting it all out...sew, sew, sew...

That time of year again. Steady sewing....... and I am cutting into any fabric I want. Those fabrics that get tucked away for special projects, that never make it out of the drawer. I've decided to get them out. And out they are...all over the sewing room. Fun! but I have to either sew them up or put them back. I'm sewing...........

...a little petals drawstring bag.....plus a whole lot more...

...because ..... I really don't want to put all this back..
and this is only one pile.
...see you again soon... there's bound to be something 
happening with this pile by the weekend .... happy sewing.

needle keep & little stitch

The other afternoon, I reached for softer, colored threads, instead of red. The need to sew was brewing inside and I think, subconsciously planned. I'm still working on my pile of  'Tilda' fabrics and have 9 blocks done so far. They will become a quilt this winter...with any spare time I can squeeze from my day.

A little needle book has been on my To Do List for way too long. I stitched the little mousey in brown this time and added a cute aqua apron with pink buds & dots, even on her booties. She's quietly named 'Little Stitch'. The red work mouseys are beside her and have a final check to go yet, before the pattern is released. They will be placed top-center of the red work quilt. Miss Mousey will be sitting on her cushion in both top-corners.  

Once 'Little Stitch' was all stitched in all her colors, I began cutting and playing with different fabrics. Making pockets, quilting and lots of playing. A good mental therapy day this was! Just what I needed.......quiet creative sewing. It reminded me, of the days a girlfriend and I sat out in the back yard, at a picnic table and designed, sewed and glued a complete Barbie apartment. We were ten years young and boy I wish, I still had some of those things. I'd laugh my head off....

For some reason and I think because, it has more excitement. I started with the inside of the book.
Thinking about, how I intend to use the book and how I work, when I'm stitching...it soon came together. The book would be great, to take along on shopping trips. Matching fabrics with threads, that sort of thing. So, yes...pockets for sure. I made a small one for scissors on top of a long one, the width of the back inside. I made another for the front inside and decided my book page would also be a pocket. 

Did I tell you, this was going to take awhile...?... 
longer to write the post, than making the entire needle book....I think. ;)

and since I take my I-Pod along on most fabric sprees.....I made a pocket for it as well. The I-Pod will fit in the zipper-page pocket, but I just had to go one more step and make a separate one. A phone fits in the zip pocket too....just in case. The pocket on the front inside is great for fabric swatches. How many times did I go to buy interfacing or stabilizer or try to match colors of one fabric line to another? Perfect....problem solved now I have the right weight and I have my fabric swatches.

I used some hexies and sprinkled them around. The inside hexie has a bit of batting beneath it and is perfect for my needle cushion. The other.... is centered on the back and may get a bit of hand stitching yet. I found a pretty pink button in my jar and made a loop of fabric and there you have it...
My little needle/sewing book is ready to go out on a trip or two and probably soon. Need stuff ya know....Christmas is coming.

.......til next time...Be Happy with Everything you do......Happy Stitching!

Stitch Mousey

Why, I think the mouseys are having a 'Stitch' party!

My new pattern has just made it's way into the shop.
'Stitch Mousey' a red work project that will have companion pieces.

they are on the way.....on my desk and almost complete.

...and then a few more mousey designs, that I have had request for.
...busy weekend ahead.....see you soon.
..... Happy Stitching

Sitting on a Cushion......

I finished two blocks of stitching, for the Miss Mousey Quilt, here on her cushion. Don't we all have that special chair, cushion, spot, where we sit-stitch & sew..?  She's found the tomato cushion and has grown quite fond of it. It's always been a favorite pin cushion of mine...I guess because it was my first one....Mom's. {tee hee} But I didn't touch the scissors....honest.

More blocks are waiting for finishing and the writing needs a bit of work yet. Wanted to share a glimpse...of what's been going on, in my studio this week. She makes me smile...big smiles.

Do you like to stitch in red?  I enjoy it and find it goes really fast. I suppose, all the fussing with color choices is narrowed down and frees you to select a shade and run with it. For some reason DMC 321 is the one I went for.... and I love red..... and there are so many to choose from. I seemed to have more of this shade in fabrics, so that's a decision to factor in.

A little bit more sewing and a stitch or two and this will be ready to quilt. The pattern will be ready soon and will be available as stitching sections or blocks. 

Hope you are having a great Sewing September! Off I go....til next time...Happy Stitching in RED!


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