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Lately, I've been busy getting things in order. I decided to change some things with my patterns. The designs haven't changed, just the presentations/layouts and listings in the shop. This was long overdue and I was so happy, to get some time during the shop vacation, to get this accomplished. The Shop has Re-Opened and has been ... Dusted and Re-Organized!
One pattern in particular, I would like to chat about is 'A Knitting Kind of Day'.
This pattern was designed, in the transition period of my adding color tinting to the designs. Initially the embroidery design was offered as a non-color tinted pattern and then I colored my testing sample. Oops! I forgot to update the pattern for color tinting instructions. So, that has been corrected and is noted in the Shop Listing as a revision.This was purely an oversight, during a busy time and rest assure all is corrected and back on track...Yay! I am in the midst of getting patterns re-listed and I have only a few to go.

A Knitting Kind of Day-Hand Embroidery Design

Updated to Include the Color Tinting Instructions & re-listed in the Shop.
Color Tinting is an Optional Stage to My Patterns.

Thanks for the Visit...See you soon.
Happy Stitching ;)

(If you have any concerns related to  ' A Knitting Kind of Day - Hand Embroidery Design' please send me an email.)


New Pattern in my shop

Tea & Strawberries is my NEW pattern and in my Shop today. A fun, hand embroidery ready for you to stitch and add to your project. This pattern and my other....Strawberry Snookers, work well together. I see a strawberry quilt in my future. What fun it will be, to search for fabrics! 

There are many, cute, little, strawberry designs out there now. Oh what fun! I believe, I just created another project. Can't wait to get into my sewing room.

Strawberry Snookers PDF Pattern

Tea & Strawberries PDF Pattern

Pulling fabrics....I have more strawberry designs than I thought I did! Great! Love when that happens.

See you soon.....


Weekend with threads.....finally

It's been a while, where I could take a weekend...the whole weekend...and spend it in my sewing room. Today I am doing just that!
This is a preview of what I'm working on with my stitching and I have a pair of curtains that have been waiting for months. When I'm finished with this stitching...and I'm almost there....It will be a NEW pattern in my shop. Watch for it....it's coming soon.

My Shop has been growing this year. I recently added Miss Mousey Fabric Shopping in her cute, little red car. I have a total of 11 patterns now, with the #12 on the way. This makes me feel...Oh So Happy! and I am, so over joyed for all the support!

Thanks for the visit....See you soon!

Happy Stitching!


road trip stitching

Did you ever dream about taking a road trip, to buy all the fabric your heart desires?
Wouldn't that be one, fantastic trip!

My NEW stitching of Miss Mousey in her little red car, stuffed full of stitched fabrics is all ready to go! The hand embroidery pattern is an instant download and super fast & fun! I did a bit of color tinting to some areas & the pattern includes instructions for that.

I have more stitching on the way......
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Happy Stitching!


Spring is here....

Happy Spring Everyone!

Birds are chirping, buds are blooming on the trees and bulbs are pushing thru the earth to give us that burst of color. Lasting for such a short time, it's one of my favorite seasons.

I have been truly busy, with every moment of the day, working and designing. I love to draw and could spend all day, doing just that but other things need to be done. I am sure that I am not alone here. Just not enough hours right?

A NEW pattern has been added to my shop. A woodland creature...the red fox. This drawing was on my list of 'Do a Pattern' and I got it all colored and stitched! The pattern goes so fast, I had it done in no time. Of course, after all the decisions were made on color and what not......that takes me the longest.
So, here's how I did it. The colors I chose are all listed in the pattern, along with instructions for the process. Colors can be altered for your project. In fact, you don't have to color tint at all. I think a bit of color adds to the stitching and it's very easy to do. It's your project....create away!
I draw my design with a micron pen on a cotton linen blend fabric. I use a light table to trace the design and iron my stabilizer to the back of the fabric. Now, it's ready to color tint. I color all areas to be tinted with white crayon, iron with a paper towel and begin the color tinting.
I chose bittersweet with a bit of blending using sepia, burnt orange and chestnut. I gave them a bit of rosey in their cheeks with wild strawberry and they are ready for stitching.
Copper and medium orange spice dmc threads are pulled and threaded with three strands to get started.

I pulled some greys & peach fabric and now I am ready, to sew the red fox family into a project. A nice tote is planned, I can never have enough bags to 'grab n go'. The stitching would look cute on a pillow or a quilt block too.
The pattern is drawn to include the grouping and individually for smaller projects.
I hope you enjoy this pattern and the many others in my shop. I'm working on getting more designs finished and have updated a few of them.

'Strawberry Snookers' pattern has been recently updated and now includes an extra sheet of tags. Print them on card stock, sticker sheets or fabric, to add a special touch to your project.

I'm having a lot of fun with my patterns here lately. I just love tags & special touches!

More 'Fun Patterns' are on the way!
Miss Mousey has been busy too ;)

If you purchased this pattern prior to the update, an email will be sent out to you. Thank you so much for the support♥♥♥

Happy Stitching! Happy Spring!