September...sewing projects

I have many projects to work on this month and yikes!...September is almost gone. Sharing my WIP's for National Sewing Month..September!
The pixie quilt, cookie exchange quilt, sew together bags, pumpkins, pillows....are all started and I'm having a grand time.

Cookie Exchange Fabric...Pattern 'Lucky'

The cookie exchange fabric is an absolute pleasure to sew with....from SweetWater and the finish on this fabric is superb! I have opted to make a nine block quilt as opposed to the 12, designed in the Lucky pattern. For reasons.... where I'll be using it...a square simply appeals to me. I have the recipe print too and will be using that for the back, along with some of the others.

When, I set out to do a quilt, I draw the block on the computer, print it out several times & cut into small note sized pieces. It helps me keep all of the shapes of the block in check. Really, helpful when you sew like I do...re-inventing and switching from project to project. I make notes on the paper blocks and color with pencils. I take that block paper piece to the sewing machine with me too.
This was a super helpful tool for the lucky blocks. I used the same color palette throughout but the fabric patterns were different. And...because those HST go in different directions throughout the block....this kept me straight on late night sew-ins. I have nine blocks finished & ready to go to the next step. 

Pixie Quilt.... Pixie Noel Fabric... Pattern my own.....not sure I'll wing it like this again :0)   I have it all worked out and have opted for more strips and a nice border. You can preview my dilemmas on my previous post. I get myself in all kinds of messes at times....just me sewing;)

I chose to remove the top & bottom center blocks and I made two more pixie fussy-cut blocks. The plan now, is too make simple four patch blocks in a sashing strip & finish again square, with a nice border.

Sew Together bags....I have seen so many wonderful bags on IG. The possibilities for this bag are really only limited to your imagination. I found the pattern to be very easy to get along with, once I got moving with it. This is my third bag, the other two took off like a flash and no pictures were taken. But that's okay....I see many, more happening real soon. 

I used 5 fabrics for this one. Lewis & Irene's Spring/Summer '16 Collection - Tales of the Sea were my main fabrics. I chose 3 of the same print in different colorways and used some stashed pieces for the pocket linings & binding.
As, I was sewing this one....I planned the next, they are habit forming & make great Gifts!

The little pin cushion caught in the pictures was another quick sew. 

The Mini Pinwheel Pin Cushion can be found on IG... just use the hashtag and explore IG for all the makes and tutorials. ( #minipinwheelpincushion)    
@easypatchwork   &  @allie.and.me.design

Sew....There was my sewing for September and because she isn't over yet....I'll be in my sewing room tonight...working on Fall things. 

I'll be back soon....Happy Sewing!


pixie making...part one

I have started a pixie quilt. I planned for it to be a lap size but it seems to be growing (in my head) Once, I got nine blocks finished and took a look at the layout, I wanted to add more to it. This is what happens to me, when I don't stick with a pattern. It's a lot of fun this way but also a bit mind boggling. It's just how I create....what can I say.

I wanted it to be an easy sew because I have a lot on my plate right now and wanted to be able to sew all the projects on my list. I arranged the layout on my computer and figured out color placement & went with 2.5" strips and squares - making 8" blocks.  Now, I'm at the point of whether to do sashing? border? ...more blocks?

One thing is for sure, I love to cut out the little pixies. This is really a sweet fabric collection & I can tell you, there are more makes on the horizon. It's one of my favorite color combinations & so far my favorite collection by Tasha. There's something about striped tights & those bunnies....am I right?
Catches me every time...fun!

I'll figure things out for the quilt, while a spend some time in the sewing room tonight. Pixie making continues....I'll see you soon.

Fabric Collection: Pixie Noel by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake


How 'bout...another pin cushion...?

I made another....pin cushion. This time using 'HandMaids' by Janet Wecker-Frisch. I had fun, fussy cutting those spools and pins from the different fabrics and sewing them up with the tape measure prints.....watercolor blue, yellow, green, orange-red.....snip, snip, snip.

Followed by sewing a BIG red button in the center....and I made a very simple one....because I love the print so much & had to fussy with it, to capture all the goodness within my 6.5" circle. And I sewed a BIG blue button on this one. Two others are the segmented kind with perle cotton cinched to the center button.
My button jar got some much needed love this week... ;)

That little red pin cushion in this print and in the HandMaid's hair on another are stash worthy. It was absolutely the 'eye candy' that caught me onto this fabric collection in the very beginning.

As you see, those tomato pin cushions in the background above.... are from the last Hop...in 2014 & I snipped it out for one of the side panels. I just love the spools, buttons, sewing machines and typography in this print! There are just so many goodies to fussy cut and make a project all your own.

Pin Cushion Challenge & Giveaway

 Joy Studio

These were from the last Hop....HandMaids 2014.....gosh that was yesterday...right?

Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon...I'm getting ready to make some Merry around here.
Nifty, Gifty Sewing, with sneaks and surprises
starts now....


sewing little...a little sewing

love, love, love, little ruby by B&C. The 'quirky' print is probably,...no it is! my favorite! I loved it so much that I got three colorways....aqua, cream & grey. Happy Mail from Lori at Stitches n Giggles. She carries such lovely selections in her Shop.
I made the pin cushion using a ruby charm pack & other b&c cuts I had on hand.
There are 18 little dresden pieces to sew together & I made choices for them, with a little bit of ruby, hello darling & daysail. I love the larger, ruby berry with the now, little ruby.... I have been saving that ruby berry for a looong time & only have small cuts left in the grey and aqua.
Sew, here's what I did....I altered the pattern just a bit making my center circle 3.5" and made a 2.5" band to run around the side. It measures a nice, big size of 6.5" overall and is perfect for my stitching spot. I like a big pin cushion, when I am stitching because I use several needles and thread colors all working at the same time. It is perfect! Thank you Sunny Day Supply!

I enjoyed making the 
Sunny Day Dresden Pin Cushion ... go get the free pattern!

Little sewing is all I can seem to get done here lately & I found another to work on this week...woo hoo! My work schedule keeps pulling me in on the other side of my studio and I don't get much time for this side...the sewing room. But, that's ok....a little sewing is better than none at all.

Happy Sewing!


Organizing & Shop News

Lately, I've been busy getting things in order. I decided to change some things with my patterns. The designs haven't changed, just the presentations/layouts and listings in the shop. This was long overdue and I was so happy, to get some time during the shop vacation, to get this accomplished. The Shop has Re-Opened and has been ... Dusted and Re-Organized!
One pattern in particular, I would like to chat about is 'A Knitting Kind of Day'.
This pattern was designed, in the transition period of my adding color tinting to the designs. Initially the embroidery design was offered as a non-color tinted pattern and then I colored my testing sample. Oops! I forgot to update the pattern for color tinting instructions. So, that has been corrected and is noted in the Shop Listing as a revision.This was purely an oversight, during a busy time and rest assure all is corrected and back on track...Yay! I am in the midst of getting patterns re-listed and I have only a few to go.

A Knitting Kind of Day-Hand Embroidery Design

Updated to Include the Color Tinting Instructions & re-listed in the Shop.
Color Tinting is an Optional Stage to My Patterns.

Thanks for the Visit...See you soon.
Happy Stitching ;)

(If you have any concerns related to  ' A Knitting Kind of Day - Hand Embroidery Design' please send me an email.)