A new tablet cover...for me

I've made a couple of these tablet covers and this one....I hope ...is mine.
I picked out a few HB selections a couple of weeks ago. Happy Mail Arrived!...and I love them but this has always been one of my favorites. Lollipop from the Freshcut Collection.

Because...I was thinking this was for me all along, I added a strap that I don't normally do for this pouch. Whenever, I am using my tablet I am almost, always involved with ten other things. I find myself picking it up with other things and traveling from room to room. My arms are always full with fabrics, sketchbook, another book and some kind of gadget & usually a cup. So, a strap works great & no worries of dropping it! 

This is another project that just came together as I went along. I measured my tablet and got busy cutting. Added some old buttons and a pouf button. I love to make these buttons and most happy to use them in my projects. Little tufted 3/4" poufs that sew on just like a shank button. Tutorial in my 'Make Things' tab.

A nice little pocket for my stylus but I forgot to get it for the pics.....That will come in handy too! and A scrunchy elastic loop closure because it was a good way to hide the elastic and super easy to sew. 
I am liking this cover and keeping this one. 
I can see myself using it everyday. I kinda want to make another...;) 

I may have to get more of this fabric, while it is still available and also on sale!
I'm trying to be good and not buy fabric on impulse....hard? Ummm, just a bit but I like that my sewing room is getting organized again and I actually have openings for some new things. Happy with the empty spots.... Clean and no clutter. 

Happy Sewing!

Outer Fabric - Lollipop/Freshcut - Heather Bailey 
Lining - Jenny Eliza - Jennifer Paganelli
Pocket - Dear Stella Designs


catch little bird while you can....

Little Bird is moving......

Wow, I had no idea, so many of you would love 'Little Bird' so much. Thanks for all the love! I made this pouch a while back and stitched the little birdie for the front. When it was all finished, I decided to offer it as a free stitchery. You can find it on Craftsy now. The link is in my 'Make Things' tab. A really quick little design, that can be placed on any project you do.
But.... I will be moving the little guy to another platform soon. He will no longer be available on Craftsy after August 5th....as I am discontinuing my Craftsy Pattern Store.
'Little Bird' will still be free and the link to download will be right here on my blog.
I'm in the process of changing a few things around and looking into other venues. The dust will settle soon.....I'll keep you posted ;)
Happy Stitching!


...til the basket is full

Cutting one inch squares is addicting but not as much as these triangle pouches are. They whip up so fast, I can't wait to try the next piece of fabric. I tried a few using a one piece outer fabric and then piecing fabrics and then the patchwork. I make mine 5" by 10" so not much fabric is needed and jelly rolls and charm squares are really great to use with these.
They'll make great little gifts. Don't you think so? I always need a few little somethings on hand and that time of year is just around the corner.

So after making several, I decided to check around for a little bling for the zips.

I found the cutest bees on Etsy.....and then some. These pouches have become my little project-sew. I can sew one or two up in no time and add it to the basket. The basket that is almost full ;) I suppose when full...that'll be it....but I don't know...I really love making them.

My daughter saw them the other day and she wants them for the girls at work. She requested some Christmas prints.....hmmm, let me see. Maybe this?

Loads of fun to make...but my sewing room is a wreck....so off I go to straighten and find yet another project to use up some more fabric and I need a few more zippers. 
A little bit of milk, sugar and flower.....yes! I think another is on the way.....

Happy Sewing!


little gifts....

A little Christmas in July. I've been working on a new design of the gift-y kind.

Bargain shopping 'Benny' is Miss Mousey's friend and he's bringing little gifts your way.
I wanted to do a few more of the Miss Mousey designs because there are more stories to tell of these busy little mouseys. This one has been waiting for some time and I'm so happy to get it done and share with you.
The design stitches up quickly at only 2.5 X 5 and works perfectly in a gift or little treat bag. 'Little Gifts' is ready for you to embroider and is available in my Etsy Shop. Benny is a full size pdf pattern with an Items List, Color Chart and Print ready images, both actual and mirror image. He also, comes with two different pockets, one with a gingerbread man and the other with a little gift-y. Christmas Fun in July! 


block after block....

I just looked at all the blocks I've finished. I'm gaining....I'm almost caught up, at least by a week...or two!

When I decided to do this quilt, I thought, it would be a great way to use up some fabric and scraps. I've made a huge dent and that makes me happy. Scrappy quilts are my all time favorite!!
I have them hanging on a curtain that covers my sewing closet. Not great but will do for now. It helps to get a visual of all of them together. I don't have a very big sewing room. It's in the attic so I have the slightly slant ceilings, taking wall space away. What do you use for quilt blocks?

Blocks 19 card trick, 20 fair and square, 24 log cabin & 25 nine patch/churn dash

Have a Happy Day Sewing............


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