yarn, threads and crayons

Stitching some yarn today. My NEW embroidery pattern 'A Knitting Kind of Day', got a bit of coloring too. I decided to make the rocking chairs yellow and color tinted them with crayon.
Then I added more colors for the yarn balls and began stitching them. This pattern is fun to stitch!

The pattern includes an accessory sheet, great for smaller projects! Place the artwork anywhere in your project, to make it your own design. Color tinting adds a bit more fun and it's very easy to do. Experiment and have some fun! I have a bit more stitching to do and then it's to the sewing table. I haven't decided completely what sort of bag this will be....but I'm noodling ideas and sure to come up with a bag or a pouch.

A Knitting Kind of Day is an 8 page pdf embroidery pattern, here a few of the design pages.
I hope you will enjoy stitching it.

I'm off to get this one finished and to tell you about a new design coming up.
Happy Stitching and Knitting!

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