It's gonna bee a good day!

If you had a wall hanging nearby to remind you often....it's gonna be a good day...I think the day would at least begin with a smile. These little bees make me smile and I'm preparing it for a wall hanging in my sewing room.

I did some color tinting on this one also and I have to tell you....I love it. I will be doing a few more designs soon with tinting. If you want to join in with me...that would be nice.
I still need a bit of time to get things ready but it should be soon.

This embroidery design is another new pattern and in my shop. I started with white linen,
traced my design with a micron pen, using my light table. Then I ironed light-weight stabilizer to the back. I chose some crayons and I used everyday crayola. I colored in all the areas to be tinted with white. This gives the fabric a nice, smooth surface. The wax from the crayon coats the fabric. I gave the bees pink shading in their cheeks and added yellow around their wings and in the body sections. I began layering the colors, pink & yellow.

For the flowers, I chose colors to match my threads. After coloring, I placed a paper towel over the areas that were tinted and pressed with a hot iron----no steam. Press and pick up the iron, moving from one area to another. Do not go back and forth, pushing the iron across the design. The heat will warm the wax and any residue will cling to the paper towel, leaving a nice color tint. Then it's ready for stitching! Fun stuff!

Bee back soon........ Happy Stitching!

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