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The weather is fine and I have been drawing til wee hours in the morning. I love Fall, my cup of vanilla coffee, my socks, my studio and my drawing board. My pencils are nubs!

I've been busy with new designs and decided to do a little shop cleaning. Some patterns will get some enhancements, bringing color to those red-work designs. I have been asked many times to consider this and well, I finally got that all organized. You will see some new things too, in the next few weeks. I have been experimenting with color tinting my designs. This method has been around for many years and I even dabbled with it through the years. I think, it will add a whole new look to my stitches and I am super excited about all the new things headed for the shop soon!

My new pattern is in the shop today. 'A Knitting Kind of Day' .....Miss Lily & Miss Mousey get together for tea and have a knitting kind of day. The pattern includes full size design sheets and this one includes two different designs. Also, I have included a design sheet of all the accessories, so that you can place them within your project, where you like. Sometimes, we may only need a small design to whip up fast....so there you are. I hope you will enjoy stitching it!

Off I go, to get more done.....busy....busy. Have a Knitting Kind of Day!


  1. Susie, your new design is just so wonderful! I love the fact that you've added the smaller 'motifs' as well...very versatile pattern. I just hope my very ordinary stitching ability dies justice to your lovely design. Thank you so much again for your wonderful customer service!!!

    1. Maria, Thanks so much for all your kind words. I am truly so happy that you are pleased with the design! I can't wait to see your project finish.
      keep in touch

  2. I have a special fondness for "Spool" quilt blocks but I have to say yours are some of the sweetest I've seen!

    1. Thanks So Much Natalie Jo! The spools are my favorite too! I do love stars and log cabins too!
      Your sweet girlies are on my gift list...I hope to get them before they are all sold out!
      xx susie


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