spools of thread tall & small

The spool blocks have been started finally! 
Fabrics are Pam Kitty and Tilda with some low volume text/script prints. I wanted the blocks to be tall and to hold lots of pretty prints. Right now, I have a good collection of pretty pinks and roses and they were calling me. The blocks tower at 12" and they make my heart melt....I am very happy with them. I have nine in place and now I am working on smaller spools for the intersections.

I am still not quite sure how I am going to place these. A row or just corners? 
The pretty pink peony, from Tilda is all I have left. I am using every inch I can find for these blocks. 

I made just one with a dark grey non-text, I may make more....the whole quilt is a design as I go....my favorite kind of project. In the morning, the sunlight pours into my sewing room and I feel energized and ready to go! The blocks are there, beaming in that light and definitely speak differently than the night before. Things change....often in this room. I do think the smaller spools will make a fantastic mini and I'm pretty sure....that's gonna happen....see you soon!