...finished quilt top

A finish! My Gelato quilt 'my version' is complete and ready for the next step. I still need to decide on binding and what, I want on the back. I did only sixteen blocks and made a wider border so, it will measure right at 45" when finished. A good size for a chair in the living room. I'm happy with it and I would even consider making another because it was so easy going. But I have too many other designs on my list so.....on to the next.

The weather was outstanding today but I had a hard time with pictures. The sun was shining everywhere! Here is the full view and you can see where I added green blocks at each corner....well just imagine you can see the top ones...they are there.

I just love how it turned out and didn't I tell you about the yellow? I knew it was going to pop in this quilt somewhere and it surely did! Makes it look all happy!

I am already tossing ideas around, for these sweet, snipped corners!

Happy Sewing...I'll be back soon!