a quilt + bliss

I have started a new quilt with happy greens & pinks. A favorite combo but I have several combinations that I truly love. Same for the quilt patterns....many that I gravitate to, like this one here...a pinwheel with a square block background. I took my inspiration from the pattern I found, in my library of 'Quilts to Make Some Day'.
My plan is to make twenty blocks in sets of five and a little different than in the book. With each set having a color combo and placed about within the quilt. I've done 5 in green and 5 in pink so far and have been modeling colors for the other ten. I'm almost sure yellow will be appearing soon.

I'm loving the green & pink selections of Bloom & Bliss and have paired each with a calico. The green is from Dear Stella-Sunday Morning and the pink from JoAnn's. And The sweetest hst s develop right before your eyes. I am using the folded corner method, to make the flying geese and with each snip of those corners inspires another project. Eight from each block will surely add up to a nice little scrappy piece of fabric.

Off I go to see how colors will play in this quilt! Happy Sewing!

Inspiration: The Big Book of Scrappy Quilts -  Pattern-Gelato by Gerri Robinson