A new tablet cover...for me

I've made a couple of these tablet covers and this one....I hope ...is mine.
I picked out a few HB selections a couple of weeks ago. Happy Mail Arrived!...and I love them but this has always been one of my favorites. Lollipop from the Freshcut Collection.

Because...I was thinking this was for me all along, I added a strap that I don't normally do for this pouch. Whenever, I am using my tablet I am almost, always involved with ten other things. I find myself picking it up with other things and traveling from room to room. My arms are always full with fabrics, sketchbook, another book and some kind of gadget & usually a cup. So, a strap works great & no worries of dropping it! 

This is another project that just came together as I went along. I measured my tablet and got busy cutting. Added some old buttons and a pouf button. I love to make these buttons and most happy to use them in my projects. Little tufted 3/4" poufs that sew on just like a shank button. Tutorial in my 'Make Things' tab.

A nice little pocket for my stylus but I forgot to get it for the pics.....That will come in handy too! and A scrunchy elastic loop closure because it was a good way to hide the elastic and super easy to sew. 
I am liking this cover and keeping this one. 
I can see myself using it everyday. I kinda want to make another...;) 

I may have to get more of this fabric, while it is still available and also on sale!
I'm trying to be good and not buy fabric on impulse....hard? Ummm, just a bit but I like that my sewing room is getting organized again and I actually have openings for some new things. Happy with the empty spots.... Clean and no clutter. 

Happy Sewing!

Outer Fabric - Lollipop/Freshcut - Heather Bailey 
Lining - Jenny Eliza - Jennifer Paganelli
Pocket - Dear Stella Designs

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