pom-poms & flannel

It's gotten chilly here, today is truly a Fall day. Winds are blowing & rain showers all while the sun is shining brightly. Chilled and loving it.... I made my coffee and began where I left off in the sewing room. I chose some flannel fabric and made more drawstring bags. 
These are so soft with sturdy box bottoms. They would be cute PJ bags.

At one point, I spotted a bowl full of pom-poms. Sitting on the shelf, waiting to be used for something. Funny, pink and white were already made, so I tied them to each end of the ribbons. You might remember that I got a kick out of making these this past Spring. Remember the bunnies we made for fundraising? These poms will add just that special touch of fun to the bags. 

It makes me Happy to use up all the things I have, to bring a fun little project together.
I got the fabric some time ago at JoAnn's.  I liked how each kitty had a little different fabric print.

.....Happy Sewing.


  1. Your drawstring bags are wonderful. Using flannel with the pom-poms is fun and cozy and warm. It is like the fabric is hugging us. Creative Sewing Bliss...

  2. Super cute fabric and you can't go wrong with pom poms :)


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