it's a drawstring thing...

I'm thinking these would make great gift bags and I am steady making them....
it's like potato chips and dip...can't stop with just one ;)

Using 2 pieces of fabric 20"w X 14"h but can change the 14" to any size, like I did with the little pink one making it 12". I used 2" box bottom seams to make them nice and roomy for things inside. 
So finished size pink=8" and the blue=10"   I'm using ribbons for the pulls because I have so much of it and will come back to some later and embellish them with tags & beads....whatever I have on hand.
..............see you soon with some more sewing fun......

Fabrics Used - Pink Bag - Annie Downs Christmastime 
Icy Blue Bag - Anna Griffith - Isabelle Christmas
Dark Bag - Susan Winget 

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