Cold ... Really Cold

Stitchery of redwork titled All you need is tea and warm socks. Patchworked in red& white fabrics. Ready for another block to be attached...til next time.

it is really cold here in my neck of the woods. Brrr...I make note, that while at work on the 7th, my computer calendar date & the day's temperature were the same until around noon that day. Then it moved up to 14 and quickly went back to frigid again....but 'you know what?...
it is January....Wintertime.... it is supposed to be cold...here....

I love Wintertime...it's so cozy to sit in a comfy chair, to have warm socks peeking out from the quilt thrown across your lap. A nice hot cup of tea sitting in a pretty cup by your lamp and you stitch the afternoon away. Sounds so good and it's just what I am going to do this weekend...again.

 I came across this pretty little red thing and put it in my 'to do' pile for this year. Not sure, how I will proceed with it but something tells me, it will get another stitch or two.
Keep Warm & Happy Stitching.....



  1. Love your block!! Hot tea, stitching in your favorite chair makes for a great afternoon! Enjoy!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  2. Adorable! AND red....can't go wrong :)


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