A tomato...here & there

Sew.....Happy New Year!
Hope all is well....freezing here...but we are cozy inside. It snowed late evening, into the wee hours of the morning. We got quite a bit & it made things so beautiful....I love that part about the snow....driving....yuk.
It was ok, to have it fall this weekend, I wanted & needed to stay put for a change. Now, that the Holidays have ended....I'm getting back to things on my 'create' list.
The She Who Sews Hop is quickly approaching. To jump start my sewing, I planned a pin cushion of the tomato kind. Imagine that...just my favorite! I sewed up three so far and could make these over & over. They're easy sewing with punches of fun. Many things are planned for this hop and I hope to keep on schedule.
You also, may have noticed the changes to the blog. I drew a little tomato for the banner... and then added it as a button. I don't need to tell you, to go grab it ...right? Are we even doing buttons anymore?  It's there... if you are so inclined. I like it too, I became very fond of that tomato and made it my logo. I added a few more links, photos and places to find me. A few more things & I will be done with the New Year changes.
I've made a bunch of tomatoes, a mess on the floor, the counters & the drawers and.... I don't care....I'm having fun. This is so January for me...I love it! Come back for a visit soon....I will be hopping in with an idea or two for the sewing room.
til, next time........

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  1. Your tomatoes are adorable! Of course, the red one is my fav :)


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