warm hearts

Last year, right around this time, I made these hearts for the little ones (nieces) in my family. Heart-shaped, hand warmers, they're filled with rice. I made a heart template and cut fabric & fleece to size. I then made little tabs from pieces leftover and even used a shirt tail for this project. I had a light pink, gingham shirt, that was too long and I didn't want to wear it tucked in...so I tailored it and saved the tail....because you never know, when you'll need a piece of light pink gingham.

It came in handy....
matches the patchwork in the kitty fabric.

I used the selvage too...waste not...for sure...

The fleece lining makes for a nice soft insulator.
Pop these in the microwave for about 40 sec. , grab by the tabs because these get nice & steamy. Place in their pockets and they'll have warm hands for a least 45 minutes. Might be long enough for a walk to school or a snow play day.

 I can pull the hand stitches out on the side opening. Change the rice inside and throw the little hearts in for a nice wash & dry. 
Ready for another cold day or maybe a boo-boo.

We had our first real snow of 2013 yesterday.
Nothing big, just enough to make a snowy cover & delay things a bit. A pretty reminder that Winter is still here.

I had some fun reminicing about this today. I'm working on some new things
and need to get back here soon, to show you a few sews.
I really have been busy....stitching, sketching, drawing, sewing....sketching some more...sewing...you know...busy, busy.
see you soon, susie


  1. So cute Susie - my grandchildren would love these! blessings, marlene

  2. I love this idea, they are adorable and useful too. I came over on the blog hop today and wanted to read your other posts too, it is always nice to find another lovely blog.


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