Happy {fun} Year

tilda fabrics

I had a wonderful holiday and a very fun year! This year too...is going to be FUN....that's my 2012 word & because I liked it so much ... i'm picking it again.
Christmas is all packed away for the most part. There's still a box or two that needs to go back in storage...I'll get to it soon.
I've been playing, dreaming, sketching & getting ideas. I got all these fabrics out just to mingle with those ideas. I want to make, make, make.....

.....and the sweet little mousey never did make it to my machine and I hope to zip him on thru, so I can really be done. Yea, right...I always have one or five things leftover, that just never make it to the finish line...  

embroidery mouse

The bright side is...When I get them done they'll become my start of this year's gifts...haha...there's reasons for this ya know. So, off I go...to have some fun and come up with some fun little sweeties that will just make me and someone else 'smile'

See you soon, and I'll bring photos of finished little mouseys...sure will.


  1. Your talent is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! glad to get to know you!!!

    1. Thank you! I can't seem to get away from the cute....it just draws me in. I simply enjoy fun things.
      Thanks for popping in & I will be visiting you, you're in my bloglovin' reader :) it will be fun to get to know you too!


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