Strawberry Sewing

Strawberry Makin' Today!

I had visions of strawberries all over my work table and wala...there they are. I love making them in pinks and reds. These were made with the sweetest little berry pattern and you won't need much fabric either, which always makes for a nice, easy & fast project.

So, Sew, Summery! The plan for this .... a 24" SQ mat for a table in my sewing room. I still need to cut fabric for sashing and the binding but I put that aside and made more pink berries! That's the best part of strawberry making...they're so fast, the ideas just keep coming...make a few or make a few more ;)

The pattern calls for 9 strawberry blocks to make the mini & mine will be 'pink!' 
So, 6 pink berries are done for the mini but I put that aside and went onto making another mat....

....A scrappy mat with a little strawberry center --not in the pattern-- just from playing with my scrap bowls. Free style sewing, with various widths & lengths bordered this little berry.
I made the berry slightly smaller, squared it up with white and then added scrap pieces to border it, a sort of 'log cabin' method. Coasters are in the works also and possibly a bag or two. I really love making these and can tell you, it isn't easy to make just one.

Get the Pattern: FijimamaDesign - On Etsy
Fabrics: Petal Pink-Henna Garden-StrawberryMoon/MichaelMillerFabrics
Others are from my scrap bowls or pieces I've had so long....not sure 

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