December first..here we go...

I'm finishing up several projects today and have started some new. I can't seem to stop the Merry Making...too fun! The girls are modeling ribbons ....still can't decide & I know, I have silver bells ...somewhere. I'm not liking the gold with the fabric colors. There in a box in the eaves, I'm sure, that I haven't pulled out yet. Something tells me...bells would be best.
The nose & eyes...? dunno but I will get it all together eventually.

I did manage to get the binding on the Little Bird & Letters mug mat, that I showed in an earlier post.

And as you can see...I have started some more patchwork. Oh, I should be in a bag making mode very soon.

I tried a pattern for a one side zip pouch. It's called a SweetPea Pod by Joan Hawley. A free standing, wide open pouch. It uses a small amount of fabric and guess what? You can get two pouches from one zipper because only one side is needed per pouch. How's that for nifty?
The pattern didn't call for the tab but I felt it needed one for the way I wanted to use it.  I sewed a piece of ribbon in the zipper seam. Then, I got to playing with the box seam. If sewn horizontally, it gives it another look. It's a cute, cute pattern & I will be making more. Besides, it gives me an excuse to get some fun colored zip pulls. 

Do you see what I see? wee ice skate? yes, making a few of those too...with the paper clips. Those are for the Secret Santa party, my daughter is hosting at her office. She has ideas for them....the apple didn't fall from the tree...

The change I made to the pattern, on this try, when zipped, lays flat. And because I put the tab in the seam, I can hang it like an ornament. It's plenty big for a gift card too.
Now, off to pull some more fabrics....and find those bells. Hope you are making merry or at least enjoying the season.

...see you soon.

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