Surprise... you're sewing tomatoes today

Well Surprise! I didn't know I was making tomato pin cushions today either...not exactly.
At the rate I am going... I'll have a bushel by the end of the year. I got into my 'Hand Maids' fabric collection again and began to sew. I saw the collection there on the shelf and away I went. These have been on my list for a while...
This time of year, my creativity is at an all time high and so, Ideas continue to flow. Creating and doing....happens without thought or plans...I just need to make things.

The colors of the fabric evoke heirloom tomatoes and I can see some pretty pears too.

I tend to stream in and out of color schemes and styles.  In the last 2-3 weeks, I've gone from pink pretties to aquas & reds, to soft, cute, shabby....some red & white and now these. True art in fabric.

This fabric is very unique and yet so flexible. I fear cutting it, that I will waste an inch of artwork. But I save the smallest pieces for another day....another project. It fits in really well with other fabrics too, making it very fun to work with. I have other ideas on my sewing table to be sewn using this collection. Projects that have been waiting....Imagine that!

I like to make new things for the sewing room, particularly around this time of year. Something about the air, the cozy of warm inside your home. Seeing something new is always nice too. So, I wonder what's next?

......til next time... Keep Calm and Bake Pies! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day My Friends!

Fabric: HandMaids by Janet Wecker Frisch 
Pattern: 'Freshly Picked' by Heather Bailey 


  1. Wow Susie - You know we are loving these! How adorable. And what a creative way of pairing the Handmaids fabrics. Beautiful job!

  2. Heirloom tomatoes out of fabulous fabrics. These are wonderful. Thanksgiving Blessings...


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