Chatelaine Blocks 5 & 6

Chatelaine - Grandmother's Pride - Block 5

Running a bit behind with my blocks, It's that time of year again :) You know, when we wished, we had 4 of ourselves. Extra hands, feet, machines.... but it is my favorite time of the year.

This is block 5, a rather simple little block and I chose some rather simple fabrics. I wanted to bring the green fabric back in but I chose not to for this one and used it for Block 6. Now I have 6 blocks complete using the same 10 fabrics. I have more of some, less of others to add to a block later, to keep the quilt balanced with 'like' fabrics throughout. 

Chatelaine - Rising Star - Block 6

And so, it was time to go sorting through scraps again. I have a nice assortment for the next batch of blocks. All caught up....for this project! I'm Christmas sewing too! I'll have lots to share next week.

...til next time, Happy Sewing!

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