color palette is red & white

A little snippet of the next red work mousey. Can you guess what this one will be doing?
In the first button mouse block, those mice got in the button jar and made fun with the threads. Now, I think they may have found, some more fun stuff in the sewing room. and I have a good supply of DMC Red 321 to stitch their little adventures in.

I am having fun, creating these mouseys...as I call them....it is just fun. I am gathering all of my red & white fabrics and sewing as I go along. I really love to make things as I go. I plan a project, think it through and then I start sewing and stitching. It's great when I have everything I need, but that doesn't always work out. So far, so good....it's been fun making and stitching. That's how it should be...right?
I'll share the next design very soon, followed by another. I plan for them to be blocks for a quilt. A red and white one! You can find the Button Mouse red work pattern in my shop.

The other stitching, I shared with you in a previous post, is almost ready for pattern form. I have that on my desk and finishing up a few things. Writing, stitching and a bit of sewing to do yet. But when finished...

 'Miss Mousey and Afternoon Tea' - another set of embroideries in the making.

I'll  be with you soon......Happy Stitching!

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  1. Oh I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this one.
    I must give red work a try. It just looks os happy and charming.