Afternoon Tea

It's time to share a New Pattern with you. Very excited!  Afternoon Tea with friends, together, sharing. Sounds like a great afternoon, doesn't it?

Miss Mousey - Afternoon Tea

I have been stitching, many different designs of the mousey kind. MOUSE-Y...because I like to have fun, while I work. Miss Mousey began a while back, in my head and then on paper. It wasn't long, before she found her way on my drawing screen and made her way into my heart. She's fun to stitch and doesn't require a lot of fussin'.  Just the right size at 7 1/2" squared, to add to any project. I am beginning with this design and have made a 10" block. The start of a 'Miss Mousey' Tea quilt. I'll be sharing more and hope you will want to join in and make one too! I'm thinking you just have to have a teapot, if you want to have tea...right?
Keep watching....a teapot is surely on the way. And speaking of...mine is whistling...time to pour a cup and head back up the stairs to the studio.

Miss Mousey - Afternoon Tea

Miss Mousey - Afternoon Tea

You can find the pattern in my shop.
Off I go to stitch the next Miss Mousey adventure. They are creative little mouseys :)

Red Work Miss Mousey

til next time....Happy Stitching!


  1. Congratulations on this new pattern. The mouse-y is adorable.

  2. Your designs are amazingly cute. Just found your site and enjoyed looking through it. Thanks for brightening up my day!


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