She Who Sews Challenge...finish line!

So here we are...The reveal of the 'She Who Sews' Challenge.
When thinking of, what I wanted to make, for this challenge....I decided it had to be, a decorating project.
And something, I could finish in the allowed time. May is an extremely busy month over here.
I wanted to showcase the fabric and have it fit in, with my sewing room. I am constantly re-arranging and fussing in this room. It is not very big...actually, just big enough. I have a few furniture pieces, that have been re-purposed from our move here. This chair is one of 4. They are scattered about in my Studio. For visitors,different tasks and I sew, sitting at one. They're small scale, light weight but sturdy and have rushed seats.  So, I decided on a cover of some sort. I was happy to see my package arrive with the two cuts supplied by Joy Studio. The blue tape measure and blue flowered prints.

...and because I have a nice assortment of the 'Handmaids' fabric.....I was picturing patchwork.
A nice, cute, patchwork...cottage...chair...that was my goal.

The chair has a curved back and would need more time, to make a tufted back. So, I made a tied, lightly padded, wrap, to go over it. I played with this part, several days. When, I can't think of what to do with one area...I move on, to something else and come back. Usually, it all falls into place and comes together. There are some things, I will do differently for the next chair and I know they will, all have a look of their own. 

That is my favorite (one at least).... part of a challenge. Toss around ideas, mix and match or mismatch and cut, cut, cut... that fabric. Ah Hmmm....yes, I realize I'll be sitting on scissors...This chair is sitting back in a corner, as a welcome. A pillow, is in it's near future...I think. and I will have a great time making another...3 others. ~smile~

The posy flower was fun...fabric strips twirled and stitched. I want to make more of these....and some other ideas ran through my mind, while sewing with the Handmaids. So much fun! 
Thanks for popping in.... don't forget to go, see the others.....and there will be a community board soon, to view them all.....keep watching!  

  Happy Sewing...see you soon


  1. Gorgeous! Someone is sitting pretty! :-) Chrissie x

  2. Hi Suzie - I am sew, in love with your pretty chair. You did a beautiful mix & match job! Adorable.


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