More Bunnies

bunny making.....

I discovered...I love making these cuties....

poms....Each bunny got stitched closed and had a custom tail made.
and more poms were made just for the fun of it...
and this little cutie came about...with stuff I had and haven't used in years.

...glue gun?...I had to go buy one. the beads I had...paper ears and snap...cute huh?

pom bunnies!

I made mine, like the version I found on Pinterest. You can find it on my
'How About Yarn' board.  So cute! 

til next time... create happy!


  1. Wonderful little bunnies! And what is it about pom poms that just make me *happy*? Chrissie x

  2. Love all your bunnies in a row! How cute are they?

  3. Oh I love that photo with all the bunnies lined up on the shelf.
    You had made so many they are so cute.


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