a bunny day

Well, it's declared Spring over here! I am fevered with bright colors, fun egg & bunny making and I have flower picking on my mind. I've had a fun weekend just doing little sews like this. Nice break from the have to's.
I actually, have a fund raiser coming soon and I think these bunnies are going to pay a visit. I can just see them all lined up on a table. Oh, I need to go pull all the bright fun fabrics, I have in the drawer and see what happens. I need to get that pom-pom maker too....it's out on loan. The one on this bunny is a bit shabby but I like it alright.  I think a bit of stitching on a few would be sweet. I also, need to decide about a tie & bow...not sure. I'll show some more, as I go along.

I don't know why, the weekends have to go sooo fast...

Happy Spring!


  1. Sweet bunny, they will make great fundraisers!

  2. Uber cute bunny and eggs. Creative Easter Bliss...

  3. So cute! Nice work! -Brittany

  4. The bunny is so cute! I think they are going to be a hit at your fundraiser.

  5. These are just beautiful! Happy Spring :)

  6. Love the bunny and the eggs :) So sweet!


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