Boo, Summer is leaving

I didn't mean to keep you hanging here, about my new project. life & work things have consumed the better part of the summer. I really can't believe it is ending...soon. It has been a very busy year and a most exciting one, that I don't want it to end but yet .....
Fall is sneaking in...the other day as I was leaving the yard for the office...little red dogwood leaves were swirling in the air....falling to the ground....soon to become a big crunch...crunch...as I walk back into the yard...coming home from the office.

I love Fall, for many reasons and it has always been my energizer. My kick starter and very much, my beginning for a new year. I begin many things in the Fall. New starts....New beginnings. I scheme, dream & make things for gifts and the holidays and it spills over... right on thru the Winter and I become excited for Spring, where I renew again.

My Big Suns are a reminder that summer is still here, for a bit yet....
but that Fall is fast approaching.

 I've been busy in my studio, working on that sneaky peek of a project. Soon to be finished and sent along to become something...well I can't tell you that either. Oh geez, see this is why I stay away for a bit. I find my absence to be better than to tease. But everyone likes a little tease & surprise now and again....
don't they? Ok no more tease...for awhile, now how about that surprise!?

 To show you how much I really appreciate all your comments and visits I want to share my New free template. You may remember the hand warmers I did a while back. I shared them here....... I can cross this off of my list....I've been wanting to make this template for so long. It's true...I used a cardstock, drawn heart over n over for all the ones, I made last year. I'll be sewing a few real soon with some cute little designs I think you will love!

I'm working on a gad-zillion things this week and Jury Duty to boot....sounds like a great sketching day for me. My sewing partner & I ...have a few plans & a new pattern coming soon, so stop back in...I will be back again, really...... sooner than later.....promise.

happy stitching,

ps....when the suns are finished, with all that smiling I break the pods off and let them dry in the sun. After a couple of days the seeds are ready to collect. I simply brush the pod and gather my seeds. They make great feed for the birds and lots of bird watching fun.....I'll share some more about these...or drop me a line....I love sunflowers :)


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  1. So nice to see you again. I love fall too. This fall we will be welcoming our first grandchild. So there are new beginnings here too. I have been busy too. Sewing, painting, gardening and cooking . . . the usual.


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