jammin' moose

jammin' moose embroidery

Having a little fun here....bells, colors and some ruby. This is one happy jammin' moose...or at least I was jammin' while creating him. I got the idea some time back and cannot remember where it originated from but I added the stringed ornaments dancing around his antlers and the little pink gifty in his pocket. I colored him in with pencil and stitched some bells here & there. He really is a scrappy little project that was fun to experiment with. I do that quite a bit...start and have no idea where it will end up.
Which is why the sewing is not quite right but i like him....he can hang around til the end of the year or until one of the kids snag him....just fun.

jammin' moose embroidery

I plan to get a nice branch from the tree out back and thread it thru with some ribbon.... but for now he's set aside, waiting for a pressing & some fussing, while the rain comes down. Crazy December weather....warm, rainy....where's the snow?
I'm stitching on another fun design & sippin' my favorite vanilla coffee and yes I have my comfy socks on and yep....threads are tracked across the carpet downstairs.....
Happy Stitching....... til next time.

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  1. The moose is very cute! I love the name of your blog.


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