Cotton Yarn ...Kjærlighet

I'm in love. Soft cottons in an array of colors with tons of tutorials on Garn Studio.
I cannot get enough of these beautiful yarns. Were they made just for me?

I'm Loving the DROPS Yarns! Made in Norway and now right here in my studio...I am in love!
Soft cottons in an array of colors with tons of tutorials on GarnStudio.
Kjærlighet - love in norwegian
They are the perfect size skein for a beginner- dabbler like me. I really don't want to have a ton of yarn to store. My sewing room isn't big enough for all the things I love in large doses. Just a taste will do just fine. As a beginner, yarn sizes and colors were needed to experiment with & to get an idea of how everything worked. So, these small skeins are simply perfect for me!

I've been making small bowls & baskets to use on my cutting table to hold maybe some tools or small bits of fabric. Coasters will be scattered about because I cannot have enough of those. It's possible by the next winter, I will be busy working on a throw in my lap....but. Right now, the small projects are fulfilling that creative desire to make something.

Can you tell...I may be a bit happy about this find! I love finding new pretties...just makes me happy!

...til next time....be happy creating what you love.

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  1. That yarn looks so soft...it's beautiful!


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