itsy,bitsy,teeny & tiny

I'm working on a new project tonight and snipping teeny,tiny flowers from scraps of fabric, to make teeny, weeny stamps. My itsy, bitsy letters need them you see, so that I can send letters off to those I love.

This is such a sweet mug rug pattern from The Patchsmith.  It's called Christmas Delivery and you can find it, in her Craftsy Store. There are two versions to make and I chose the one above for my first. The second has a post box and I'll be cutting that out next.

I haven't even gotten to the Christmas fabrics yet. Little, tiny snowmen stamps? Ah, yes....I think, I can do that.

See you soon..............


  1. Your little birdies and letters with teeny floral stamps are precious. Creative Bliss...

  2. Love those fabrics you're using, Susie...very pretty.

  3. SO CUTE !


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