carrot noses...

I'm working on a snowman quilt today and feeling like a Christmas Elf. The air is cool and crisp and makes me want to be right here...in my sewing room.

I made nine snowman blocks and I'm ready for some carrot noses and a little detail stitching. It's just that kind of day, to take it easy and relax a bit. I have another snowman block, which started this whole idea. I was going to make ice cream snowmen or ladies. I still may do this for another but this one will be a mini when finished.

Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla with red sprinkles...? I'll add a little more to this and then quilt & bind it, for a mini or possibly a cute little mat for coffee. mug rug?

The snowman block is quite fun to make and super fast actually. I had nine finished before my morning coffee. I usually have two cups this time of year. Love a day in the sewing room with a hot cup and a cool breeze...heaven. After stitching, I'm off to do a border and I'm not sure about that because I ran out of some fabrics. This is the fun part....putting it all together with what you have. At least, it is for me.
Happy Stitching!

Fabrics: Anni Downs Hatched & Patched -  Christmastime     Bunny Hill Designs - Mistletoe Lane
Mr Snowman Block - Lori Bee - Check her Instagram under #mrsnowmantutorial and make one step by step ;)

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