triangle pouch play

I've been seeing triangle pouches all over the place...they are so cute and each one cuter than the one before. I am probably the only one, who hasn't gotten to these yet. I'd put them on my list of things to try and decided to spend today giving it a whirl. The first one, I put the zip in the wrong way...hehe. It zips up instead of down but still works and no one would even know that...except me.

I added a zip stop to one side and for the bottom placement. I didn't see that in any of the others but it's a zip thing, I like to do. I added only to one side of the zip so that top stitching would still be accessible.

I found a great little tutorial on a spoonful of sugar's blog to make these, using patchwork.
Will be trying that one next, oh my goodness cuteness! 
Off I go, in search of some zips....my basket is near empty! Happy Friday!

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