...til the basket is full

Cutting one inch squares is addicting but not as much as these triangle pouches are. They whip up so fast, I can't wait to try the next piece of fabric. I tried a few using a one piece outer fabric and then piecing fabrics and then the patchwork. I make mine 5" by 10" so not much fabric is needed and jelly rolls and charm squares are really great to use with these.
They'll make great little gifts. Don't you think so? I always need a few little somethings on hand and that time of year is just around the corner.

So after making several, I decided to check around for a little bling for the zips.

I found the cutest bees on Etsy.....and then some. These pouches have become my little project-sew. I can sew one or two up in no time and add it to the basket. The basket that is almost full ;) I suppose when full...that'll be it....but I don't know...I really love making them.

My daughter saw them the other day and she wants them for the girls at work. She requested some Christmas prints.....hmmm, let me see. Maybe this?

Loads of fun to make...but my sewing room is a wreck....so off I go to straighten and find yet another project to use up some more fabric and I need a few more zippers. 
A little bit of milk, sugar and flower.....yes! I think another is on the way.....

Happy Sewing!

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