Sewing more blocks.....

Nine, Ten & Eleven of the Chatelaine bow....finished...yay! Twelve is cut and ready to sew and Thirteen is on my printer. I feel like they're getting a bit pastel-ly..must be the Spring inside me wanting to burst out.... These have some of the same fabrics as in the first 6 but a few different fabrics popped in. Steady reducing the scrappy jars, baskets and 1/4 yd stashes. I haven't bought any new yet....hard, very hard...but I am determined to get some things finished before I get any new fabric. I'll give it until May....I think that will be long enough...

Chatelaine- Block 9 Forest Paths

Chatelaine- Block 10 Big T

Chatelaine- Block 11 Jack in the Box

I started on a 'Heart' project.....one finished and the idea is all in place....tomorrow I sew.

I hope you are having an amazing sewing day......see you soon.

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  1. Such pretty colors!! Pink and yellow and aqua is one of my favorite combinations. Can't wait to see how they all come together! ~Angela~