sewing a bit...everyday

quilting....block making....

......pouch making..

I've been busy.... steady sewing a little something everyday....working on those piles of fabric. I have a lot of things finished but somehow the piles don't seem to be moving much. I am determined though and I got to playing a bit & arranged them like books.

I got the Block Four of the Chatelaine bow and it's all cut out and ready to go. I have a surprise to share with you about that too! I decided to make two versions because I've always wanted to make an aqua & red mini. These blocks are perfect for that, measuring at 6 1/2" and each one so far have been little sewn treasures. Even the ones where my points aren't lined perfect...Heck I don't mind....that used to bother me tremendously... I've learned to just let it go. ;) I'll rip it out once, twice, even three times and if it doesn't work after that... I just look away and carry on. So, my mini aqua&red is started and I'll be sharing that soon. I chose 2 of the four blocks so far and will add blocks, as I go along, making the original one. 
...til next time....Happy Sewing!

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