Sitting on a Cushion......

I finished two blocks of stitching, for the Miss Mousey Quilt, here on her cushion. Don't we all have that special chair, cushion, spot, where we sit-stitch & sew..?  She's found the tomato cushion and has grown quite fond of it. It's always been a favorite pin cushion of mine...I guess because it was my first one....Mom's. {tee hee} But I didn't touch the scissors....honest.

More blocks are waiting for finishing and the writing needs a bit of work yet. Wanted to share a glimpse...of what's been going on, in my studio this week. She makes me smile...big smiles.

Do you like to stitch in red?  I enjoy it and find it goes really fast. I suppose, all the fussing with color choices is narrowed down and frees you to select a shade and run with it. For some reason DMC 321 is the one I went for.... and I love red..... and there are so many to choose from. I seemed to have more of this shade in fabrics, so that's a decision to factor in.

A little bit more sewing and a stitch or two and this will be ready to quilt. The pattern will be ready soon and will be available as stitching sections or blocks. 

Hope you are having a great Sewing September! Off I go....til next time...Happy Stitching in RED!

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