Snoots and friends

Hi there!  'Snoots' popped in to meet you. He's a fun little project to pull together in an afternoon. I named him snoots because of that poufy nose. I suppose, he would be able, to really track down some cheese, with that snoot....but he lives in the sewing room. I think, I prefer chocolate. 
You can get instructions on how to make pouf buttons here and on my sidebar. 

A pin cushion project titled 
'Snoots and friends'  by me!
and you will find everything, you need to make one, in the New Book. 

Craft It Now

It was a lot of fun making designs and stitching up these mice. I made them in different colors and a set for the book in red work. They're super fun to make and bring a smile, when I enter the sewing room. I think, I am very fond of Snoots and his friends. They got a debut spot on a page and I was so excited to see that because I wasn't expecting it. 
A sweet, extra added surprise!
I cannot wait to get the book. It is scheduled for mid April. 
I guess, I can wait a little longer...a little...

Thanks everyone for all your kind words...It means so much!!!

'til Next Time......Keep Stitching....


  1. So exciting to see Snoots in that adorable book! You are so talented!!!

  2. Mr. Snoots is adorable! I love that nose. Congratulations again on your book.

  3. Snoots is adorable and I adore your embroidery stitching. Congratulations on being published as that is very exciting. Creative Bliss...


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